Information about Ramtha

Ramtha is the Master Teacher at the School. He lived as a human being on Earth 35,000 years ago. He explains that in his lifetime he addressed the questions about human existence and the meaning of life, and that through his own observation, reflection, and contemplation he became enlightened and conquered the physical world and death. His philosophy reflects the experience of his own life. His teachings emphasize that each individual is responsible for their own reality, that your attitudes affect your life, and that you can change your life by changing the way you think. The form in which Ramtha communicates his teachings is through the phenomenon called channeling. He channels through the body of JZ Knight to teach his philosophy in person.


"The tenet of this school is based upon God's direct revelation with you. That has always been overlooked. Yet the training of this school is not through baptism and conscription. It is a volunteer school which is created to peel away layers of incarnation and lives that cover up this direct revelation. It is about peeling back and laying bare what you are. At the heart of this school is the concept 'Behold God.' Why? Because you don't know it. You only know it because I said it. You don't know it even when reportedly Yeshua ben Joseph said it. Just because he said it doesn't make it so for you. Within the statement itself is the empowering will of choice even to disregard, even to disbelieve, even to doubt. That is it. It is all that simple. The school is to take a neophyte and begin to train you in the art of the mind, which encompasses an enormous amount of knowledge that you barely can repeat, along with experience of that knowledge."

— Ramtha